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  • Citi Wide Merchant Funding has been the lender of choice for hundreds of small businesses nationwide. Our diverse small business financing programs mean we can find a working capital solution that fits your needs and budget. We offer MCA/BCA financing for all business types and industries.
  • Don't work with brokers who can't fulfill their promises. Citi Wide Merchant Funding can offer you final approvals up to $1,000,000 and does a complete underwriting before presenting you with any small business loan offers. Even if you have previously had a MCA, we can fund 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, even 6th positions.
  • Why Do Small Business Owners Choose Citi Wide Merchant Funding?
    • Working Capital up to $1,000,000
    • Same Day Approvals
    • No Upfront Fees
    • The Best Customer Service in the Industry

Small Business Funding | Merchant Cash Advance

CitiWide Merchant Funding has been a leader in providing small business access to working capital. We make it simple for your small business to gain access to affordable working capital. We also make it simple for your retail storefront or internet business to save money on your merchant credit card processing. With hundreds of happy small business owners as clients we will work to create solutions tailored your needs and more importantly develop a deep working relationship. To learn more about what we can do for your small business call us today!

Our MCA/BCA financing is available in many dominations and we can get you easy financing to your business in any dollar amounts. Easily qualify with just 3 months in business and you can borrow for your company. We fund all types of small companies/businesses based on your monthly cash flow and deposits. We offer MCA/BCA financing in the following but not limited to the following amounts: 5000 (5k), 10000 (10K), 15000 (15k), 20000 (20K), 25000 (25K), 30000 (30K), 50000 (50K), 75000 (75K), 100000 (100K), 200000 (200K), 250000 (250K) , 500000-750000 (500K - 750k), 750000 - 1000000 (750k - 1 Million) for business financing and funding. Use the MCA/BCA financing funds for any purposes including Business Expansion, Remodeling and Renovations, Marketing Purposes, Advertising Campaigns, Inventory Purchases, New or Upgrade Equipment or Upgrade Facilities, New Hires, Staffing, Payroll, Tax Purposes, Handle Emergencies, Setup New Locations, Any reason! First, Second, Third, Forth, Fifth, even Sixth Position small business financing available! No credit check necessary, bad credit is not a deal breaker.


We are proud of our transparent application process. All our employees are vetted with care and more importantly meet the character criteria of the CitiWide culture. We only need Three Months Business Bank statements and a simple 1 page application to have it reviewed and approved by underwriting. Minimum volume is only 5000 (5k) a month.


Not every business has the same needs. Our flexibility allows us to create programs tailored to your needs and budget. We work with all different situations and even if you are in bankruptcy we have options for you.


You may not have the time to wait for a small business loan from a retail bank or encounter unexpected expenses. We work as quickly as possible to process your business loan application. Small business owners choose us because we don't wait for the ink to dry.

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Small Business Loan

Our small business loan program is our premier small business financing program. It offers small business owners working capital with the convenience and predictability of a fixed time frame and fixed payments. The small business loan program focuses on the strength of your businesses cash flow and not your personal credit score.

Merchant Cash Advance

Looking to leverage your future credit card receivables into working capital to expand your business? Small business owners find our merchant cash advance program cash flow friendly and affordable. Currently merchant cash advances account for over $1 billion dollars of the current small business lending industry. Learn more here about our merchant account agent program.

Merchant Account

There is no reason to spend more then you have to on your merchant account. Citi Wide Merchant Funding offers all small business owners a free rate analysis to show you how you can save money on your merchant credit card processing. Additionally we offer customized gift card kits so establish your brand, earn additional revenue, and create customer loyalty.

The upfront fees that other banks and brokers wanted to charge were off putting. Then I received an email from Citi Wide Merchant Funding. No broker fees. One week later I had completed the process and also saved merchant swipe fees and money on my credit card processing."

  • Tips to Speed Up The Merchant Funder Approval Process

    Small business owners who follow basic tips and advice can easily get their business approved for an advance to be used for any purpose. First is you should be in business for at least three months and show some type of cash flow. Cash flow can either be straight deposits or credit card transactions known as split funding financing..
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  • Boston Businesses Eligible For Disaster Loans

    Working Capital For Boston Businesses Available Faced with sharp financial losses stemming from the Boston Marathon bombing attack and the days of forced closure that followed, businesses in the affected Copley Square area can apply for federal help, the Small Business Administration announced Friday. The news comes as people continue to...
  • Merchant Financing In 2023

    Merchant Financing In 2023 Will Continue Growth Small Business Will Continue To Turn To Merchant Financing For Working Capital Merchant financing will continue its upward trajectory in 2023 as the economic recovery continues to waiver. Traditional banks continue to deny small business owners access to working capital under $1,000,000 due to the cost...

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