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A Citi Wide Merchant Funding merchant cash advance can help you grow your business!

Our merchant cash advance program has helped hundreds of small business owners meet their working capital needs. While retail banks have shunned small business owners, Citi Wide Merchant Funding has continued to expand its small business financing programs.

A merchant cash advance is not a small business loan. The financing program works by factoring an underutilized asset, your credit card receivables. By analyzing your credit card merchant processing statements we can determine the health of your business and how much working capital you qualify for.
Because a merchant cash advance is not a loan there is no fixed time frame or monthly interest payments. Instead Citi Wide Merchant Funding deducts a small percentage from your credit card sales towards the repayment your business cash advance.
The merchant cash advance industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade. Citi Wide Merchant Funding has been at the forefront and an industry leader. We are a family owned and operated direct funding source. Every small business is different and we look to create small business financing programs that are customized to your business.

Qualifying for a merchant cash advance is an easier process than a small business loan from a traditional retail bank. Get your approval today! Call us at !
Applying for financing from a traditional bank can be an ardous process that can take several months to a year. At Citi Wide Merchant Funding we can typically process your small business application and have an approval for you within two business days. For the merchant cash advance program we require 5 months of merchant statements and 3 months of bank statements. No personal financial statements, no personal guarantees! There is no other small business financing program on the market that can have you funded within 7 business days.

What are the benefits of a merchant cash advance compared to other forms of small business financing?

A merchant cash advance has many strengths compared to traditional small business financing. The majority of retail banks do not service loans for small businesses that have under $3M dollars in annual revenue. Because of the costs associated with underwriting loans of this size retail banks do not find them profitable and therefore do not extend credit to your typical main street small business.
A small business loan typically has a fixed payment and re-payment timeframe. With a merchant cash advance there is no time frame or late fees.
There is no need to worry about a monthly bill with a merchant cash advance. Payments are deducted from your credit card sales. If you don’t accept credit cards Citi Wide Merchant Funding can still qualify you for one of our other small business financing programs.

Our programs offer daily, weekly, and bi-weekly payment structures. Citi Wide Merchant Funding will also allow you to keep your current credit card processing if you’d like. To learn more about our programs apply below to have one our small business loan officers contact you in a timely manner.

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