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Small businesses, these days, have quite a few advantages. Be it any industry, setting up asmall business is not as tough as it used to be in the previous years. And, if you are looking at some good working capital to start or expand your business, it is even more feasible in these days of Merchant Cash Advance.

There are many Merchant cash advance companies that provide alternate funding solutions to small enterprises. The payback method is more flexible and easy, allowing these enterprises to flourish.

Business funding no longer means commercial loans or bank loans, which take ages to get processed. And to top it, if there is a bad credit history or even high non-sufficient funds, banks reject these enterprises, without much thought.

But, thankfully, there are many merchant cash advance companies that come to the rescue of many small enterprises, who can now do better business without the hassle of fixed monthly payments.

How are merchant cash advance companies different?

Merchant cash advance companies or providers differ from banks in many ways. First and foremost, this is not a loan. It is something like an advance provided by the merchant cash advance companies to the small businesses, completely based on the future credit/debit sales or even the future revenues of the business. They are a kind of bank loan alternative option. Here, the payment terms differ, making it convenient for the businesses. Merchant cash Advance companies are a little bit more flexible when it comes to payment terms, which works out very well for these small scale enterprises.

Most of the time, small businesses have a cycle of peak season and non-peak seasons. This makes the cash flow very unpredictable. And hence paying the bank, monthly installments, becomes a major hassle. Further to that, the interest rates and loan terms of commercial banks are very strict. Whereas, the terms of payments with Merchant cash advance providers are much more flexible. Businesses can pay more if the cash flow is high. Depending on the sales volume, small businesses get a greater flexibility to manage the cash flow, which is not possible with traditional bank loans.

Advantages of Merchant cash Advance to small businesses

Typically, many small businesses find the terms and conditions of MCA companies much more flexible and advantageous to them, even though the rates are on the higher side. For these MCA companies, bad credit is also okay. They do not look into the credit history. All they look into is the future credit card sales of the small business. So, acquiring a working capital is fast and immediate. All that the small businesses do, to get this working capital, is that they sell a future portion of the revenues and credit card sales.

The payment of this advance taken is then paid back over a time period in the form of a fixed percentage of the credit card transactions. Here the payments also fluctuate according to the sales. But, this is beneficial to the small enterprise owner, unlike the commercial bank loans, which have fixed monthly payments, even during theslow/non-peak season.

Some benefits of MCA are highlighted hereunder:

  • You can have access to working capital when you need it.

  • Easier application process and faster processing time.

  • Friendly and easy to understand terms.

  • There is no need to wait for a long time to get that much-needed cash for your business expansion.

  • MCA has flexible repayment options, making it easy for you concentrate more on your business.

  • Most of the small business owners qualify for a MCA.

  • Even bad credit and high non-sufficient funds are fine.

  • A higher approval rate.

  • There is no collateral at stake.

  • Businesses can also get 2nd position funding through MCA.

  • Some MCA companies also offer 3rd, 4th and 5th position funding for small enterprises.

  • The capital can be used for a variety of activities like purchase of equipment, business expansion etc.

Our services that are beneficial to you

We are a Merchant Cash Advance company. We have a wide range of services that are beneficial to many small enterprises, which are on the lookout for alternate funding options.

Our Merchant cash advance program can be utilized the following purposes:

  • Business Expansion

  • Repairs and Renovation

  • Purchasing new equipment

  • Purchasing stock and inventory

  • Adding new products and services

  • Hiring new staff

  • Settling past debts

The best way to use our MCA services

Merchant cash advance is more of a short-term financing solution. It is not a long term solution. The following reasons are the times at which MCA should be opted for:

  • When all other traditional options are closed or limited.

  • When there is an urgent need of working capital, with not much time in hand.

  • Seasonal sales.

  • Revenues from credit card transactions are high.

It is very easy to qualify for our MCA financing. Your ability to payback and meeting a few requirements are all it takes to get cash advance from us.


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