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As former small business owners ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to find small business funding – especially when banks turn down your request. At Our MCA Funding Company, we do our best to provide your business with a cash advance or other alternative financing as quickly as possible while making sure to always add a personal touch to the business.

Furthermore, because we ourselves are entrepreneurs, we understand the difficulties related to managing a small business. Therefore, we are sure to treat each of our clients as would-be partners. We invest in businesses we believe will succeed and prosper, which makes our merchant cash advance a tool for growth for your business.

Our personal touch and understanding of business make us one of the most sought-after merchant cash advance providers on the market today. Our clients are so satisfied and happy with our services that 87 percent of them have renewed their cash advance a second time.

It is well known among entrepreneurs that making money requires having money in the first place. However, in a tough economy, many small businesses find trouble qualifying for the additional funding they to reach their goals. Banks typically impose a series of requirements needed in order for businesses to secure loans, which makes it difficult for small business owners to convince loan officers that their ideas will work.

The good news is that there are alternative sources of financing for small to medium-sized businesses other than banks and other mainstream lenders. The most popular is called a merchant cash advance, which is what we offer to you here at Our MCA Funding Company Cash Advance.

Why is it popular? Unlike banks, merchant cash advance providers don’t require any collateral, there are no fixed term payments or late payments, there are no penalties or surcharges and approval time is quick. The borrower has the flexibility of spending the money in any business-related expense, be it refinancing the existing business, remodeling an office, upgrading tools and equipments, as an addition to the working capital, marketing or payroll.

So How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work?

The provider purchases credit card receivables from the merchant borrower. That is, the provider advances money on the borrower’s future credit card receipts. In essence, merchant cash advance is not a loan to the client receiving the money. Rather than borrowing money, the merchant is selling an interest in his or her future credit card receivables.

Read real-life testimonials from clients whose businesses have thrived after receiving financing from Our MCA Funding Company.


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