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Get Yourself Merchant Cash Advance for Purchasing Inventory Without Hassles


Whatever business you are doing, you should have sufficient inventory. That is the main pre-requisite for a successful business. But, what happens if you are not able to purchase the stock or inventory in the required numbers? Obviously, the business will take a back seat. And being an entrepreneur, you would not want that to happen.

So, what are the options available to you? The foremost thing that comes to mind is a bank loan. But, would that be feasible for your business? Will the bank give you aloan for purchasing inventory, if you or your business falls under high-risk category? Fortunately for people like you, there are many bank loan alternatives, with Merchant cash advance, (MCA) being one of them. This is a great option for business funding, as many banks are not willing to underwrite loans for small business or businesses that are considered as high risk.

What is merchant cash advance?

It is also known as credit card receivable funding. A merchant cash advance is a viable alternative for funding a small business. So, even if you have bad credit, it is fine. Bad credit is perfectly okay when you want to take MCA. This is because; MCA providers do not look into the credit scores or credit history. Rather, they focus on the expected future credit and debit card sales of your small business and provide you a working capital in order to put all your required business plans into action.

A Merchant cash advance is also good for people with high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds). MCA is a very quick and efficient way to help your business. If you can have some predictable sales volume, then this becomes an easy to manage type of business funding.

Merchant cash advance is good for:

  • Purchasing inventory

  • Purchasing equipment

  • Business Expansion

  • Renovation

  • Improving cash flow

  • Recruiting new staff

  • Replacement or repair of equipment

  • Adding new products and services to the existing business line

What are the benefits of Merchant cash Advance for small businesses looking at inventory purchase?

  • It has an easy application process. When compared to commercial loans, MCA is much easier, hassle free process, which gets processed within a weeks’ time.

  • The approval rate is quite high, making it very favorable for small businesses. Merchant cash advances are not based on personal credit or other factors like time of business operations. And hence, MCA is a great option that is advantageous to small businesses that are on the lookout for inventory purchase and business expansion.

  • If you have a bad history of credit, obtaining business funding from traditional sources like commercial loans is tough. The interest rates and loan terms are not feasible. But with a MCA provider, this is possible, without much hassle.

  • The other advantage is that there is no credit or collateral at stake. MCA is basically not a loan. It is some kind of a sales transaction.

  • The payback process is quite simple and hassle free, just as the approval process. This is mainly revenue based, with a percentage based collection process. So, if your business is seasonal, it allows to stock up for the peak season and you can have good sales during this time. Your payback during this time can be high. In non-peak seasons, your payback will be less.

Is MCA funding for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Positions possible for businesses looking at inventory expansion?

Additional position cash advances are definitely possible, like the 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th position advance, for small businesses looking at expansion of inventory. If you have confidence that your business can do well and the merchant cash advance provider also feels that way, then the chances that you get alternative funding is very high.

How can we help you?

Our company has readymade solutions for you. If you are a small business entrepreneur, on the lookout for some alternative bank funding, then our Merchant cash advance program is the answer that you are looking for.

We are here to help you in the best possible way. Our terms and conditions are suitable for a wide range of businesses. Our approval process is very fast, allowing you to expand your business without much delay. That important purchase order for your business can be easily taken if you take a merchant cash advance from us.

Why chose us?

Our range of services is great, with many advantages and benefits for businesses that are unable to get commercial loans. We are open to bad credit and also high NSF (Not Sufficient Funds).

We also offer:

  • 1st Position Advances

  • 2nd Position Advances

  • 3rd Position Advances

  • 4th Position Advances

  • 5th Position Advances

If your business needs additional financing, even after getting a business cash advance (BCA), you should choose us, as we provide solutions for the same, in the form of 2nd position cash advance.


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