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There are times when businesses run into some sort of financial problems. Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, if you think you need assistance with funding from a third party provider, you may consider a merchant cash advance. There are companies that you can go to that will help sort out your business financial problems.

When banks or other loan providers turned you down, then it’s time for a business cash advance. However, it is important to take some time to scrutinize and select the most reputable provider. You can find so many companies these days that offer cash advances including large lending services and companies that focus on merchant cash advances solely. If you manage or own a credible business and have a good financial history, you may be eligible to get a higher rate with merchant cash advance (MCA) providers.

Here are a few guidelines in selecting a merchant cash advance provider that will suit your business needs.

Availability – Select a provider that can be contacted easily with any form of communication be it by email, phone or even personal visit to their office. Choose a provider that can answer your questions rather than offering you services that you did not ask for, including a quick response to your application process-related inquiries. Awareness – Make sure that the representative or underwriter of the company of your choice is knowledgeable about every small detail including repayment and application process issues. You want a company that can answer your queries promptly. Reputable – Check if the agency or provider already has a reputation of excellence. It should hold an established history that provides similar services as per your requirements including reputable testimonials from past clients. Integrity – The merchant cash advance provider needs to be in a very high financial state. As much as possible, select one that do not charge any processing fees. A dependable cash advance provider will not give you any difficulty with the processing and repayment agreements.

Once you find a reputable MCA provider, you may need to consider these important things which may affect your business and finances:

Think whether the repayment plan will affect the business operation at any point in time. See if there are any additional costs that go along with the services. It is also important to find out if the provider will require you to switch credit card processor before receiving the merchant cash advance. Think about your customers and consider if they would feel confident in dealing with making payments to a third party with the factoring method. Make sure the merchant company offers an affordable repayment agreement that your business can afford.

Reputable merchant cash provider such as Our MCA Funding Company Cash Advance can qualify your business for an MCA and you will get the money within 7 business days. Our MCA Funding Company has been giving out cash advances since 2007, helping small to medium-sized businesses get back on their feet. Visit their website at or give them a call at 877-760-9226.


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