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Looking For Merchant Cash Advance for Small Businesses and Startups

Waiting to make that small business plan in your head a reality? You need money to start up a business, no matter how big or small it is. The biggest issue faced by any small business or a start up is the unavailability of loans. Banks and other financial institutions are not ready to lend money to a business that hardly has collateral or a steady sales volume. In such a case, what do you do? Go for bank loan alternatives.

Alternative Funding Solutions

Though bank loans are what everyone seeks and feels secured with, not every bank is willing to underwrite all the risks involved in a small business. If it is a startup, the risks involved are more and no banks will be willing to take such a risk.

Your business funding need not necessarily be from a bank loan. You can even avail of the unsecured loans offered by many other institutions or even the merchant financing option. The biggest advantage with a merchant financing option is that, your credit history and what your business has done in the past does not matter here. The merchants lend money against the future card receivables.

When your business takes off, you are bound to receive payments by cards. The merchant financing option is where a percentage of these receivables are undertaken on a monthly basis as a way of repayment. Hence, it is only the performance of your business that matters and not your credit score.

Whether you have a bad credit or poor credit rating, the BCA (business cash advance) option is here to rescue you. Be it for a short term or a long term, one can avail of such cash advances without any collateral.

Expand Your Business

Apart from meeting the current financial needs, one can make use of this financing option to even expand their business. When yours is a start up or a small sized business, chances are that you have very little equipment and will add on as the business grows. Despite the growth and increase in orders, one cannot afford to invest all the earnings in purchase of equipment.

Having some liquidity is very important for any business. One can never gauge when a little extra money will be needed. When the business has to be stalled or paused due to a cash crunch, it not only affects the output but also the entire growth process. The reputation of the business is also at stake.

With a merchant cash advance, you won’t have a loan to be paid off nor will you have to pledge your property as a collateral. The entire business can be yours and it can grow as planned. As a business grows, it will need to include more services and equipment for expansion. If there are machines used, there will be regular repairs and maintenance to be done, so as to ensure everything is working in its best condition. It is for such situations that a business cash advance can be very handy.

Other Situations

One may not always need full financial backing from a merchant account. There are situations where partial requirement is met by the banks or other institutions and the gap can be met by these merchants.

If you are not looking for direct funding, even 1st Position, 2nd Position, 3rd Position, 4th and 5th Position funding can be provided. The entire process itself is easy, simple and not complicated. This could very well be the financial boost you have been waiting for.

When there is money at your disposal, what better way to improve your business? Use the funding to bridge all the financial gaps and ensure you are not in any debt. You can use the 1st position or 2nd position funding to bring in some much needed money to turn over faster, or to meet the immediate expenses. These expenses could even include raw materials or some permission that are required to continue with your business. There is no point in letting your business come to a halt for such minor setbacks.

Don’t Hesitate

Though the interest rates for such funding will be higher than a regular bank loan, the flexibility offered by these funding cannot be matched by any bank. The rates are high because the risk undertaken is high. When the service provider signs up for cash advance against your card receivables, it is an unsecured loan that is being offered to you. This is because, the cash is advanced based on your potential for growth and the potential to attract many card payments.

Once the business itself is assessed by out executives, the terms and conditions for the cash advance will be decided. The rates will vary according to the risk undertaken by us. Newer the business or more unique the industry, higher will be the risk involved. If it is a small business with a good reputation and history, the risk is lesser and the rates will reflect this advantage.

No more waiting for a little cash to help you go a long way. Make it happen with merchant Cash advance and never look back.


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