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Have A Bad Credit? Get A Merchant Cash Advance for Your Financial Needs

Have you tried applying for a loan in many banks? Been repeatedly turned for a bank loan, because you don’t qualify for them? Wondering how to fund your business that is sure to take off, if only you had some little extra financial back up?

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)

What you can use is merchant cash advance. This is an alternative funding solution, wherein you don’t have to have the credit scores, bank balance, etc required by a regular loan. Despite having a bad credit score and very little collateral, you will be advanced the required money by merchant accounts. They will sign up for a percentage of your credit card receivables in the future, as a way of collecting back the money lent to you.

Why Opt For Commercial Loans

If you are a small business with a bad credit, these commercial loans can come to your rescue. Though bank loans always sound safer and more organized, a BCA (business cash advance) can be more helpful than you think.

Many business are bound to have a bad credit score when they start. This is because no one really knows where to invest and where to hold back when you are new to the industry. You never know whom you can really trust and you are ready to jump at the first order, without knowing if the customer will go through.

Imagine you have been given a big customization order and the customer goes back in the last minute, what will you do? As per the terms of agreement, your customer has the time frame to cancel but you would have already invested in the raw materials, machines, etc. This results in a loss and hence the inability to keep up your loan promises. In such cases, the business needs an infusion of money to pick up the pieces and run.

MCA can help in such situations because they don’t look at your credit history or your credit scores, but look at the business potential. If your business has the potential to grow, they are ready to invest. They take back their money by taking a percentage of your card receivables in the future.

Their process is quite simple. They will invest only in businesses they feel will succeed. In sucha case, card payments are unavoidable and in order to process card payments, one needs a merchant account. These merchants sign up for a percentage of those receivables on a monthly basis and recollect their money along with the interest.

Get A Merchant Cash Advance For Bad Credit From Us

If you have a business with a bad credit, you are bound to have been turned by almost all the banks. And the banks that are ready to offer you loans may not agree to give you the amount required. Rather than going in for a partial financial aid, make use of the unsecured loans offered by the merchant accounts.

We are ready to believe in your business and help you grow. Whether you want a short term or long term financial aid, we are here to give it to you. Our factor rate, the interest rates, etc depends upon the size and growth potential of your business.

Once you apply for a cash advance, one of our executives will inspect the business and the records to understand more about your business. This will help us in understanding the risk involved. It is based on this risk and the cash amount required, the rates will be fixed. The duration of the loan will also influence our rates. In This just shows that ready to help you all the way.

Though the rates charged by us would sound more than what a bank would charge you, we are here to cover your financial needs without further questions. We don’t need a collateral or a balance in your bank account. We trust the business brain in you and are ready to help you achieve your dream.

We Can Make A Change

Bad credit is the worst enemy for any business man as it potentially puts a stop to his funds advanced by banks. But there are other financial institutions that are ready to help you too. Whether you have too many bills to pay or a high NSF(Not Sufficient Funds) for your bank accounts, we are here to help.

It is our ability to see budding business that have a bright future, which enables us to help them. We take pride in being the stepping stones for your success. Pay off your bills, purchase the required machinery, equipment, etc that you will need to increase your turnover. Just sign up a percentage of your card receivables in the future, not even what you have with you right now. Give us a part of your receivables and we will give you the money you want right now.

You definitely need merchant account facilities to process card payments and you need the money to kick start your business today. What we have to offer is just what you need.


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